Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

Projects for companies that decided to trust me to help them step up their business strategy. Online interface each of these companies directly resembles prosperity of their business now.

  • Haris - Art & Design

    Haris - Art & Design

    Haris' new website is a vibrant showcase of his diverse skills in art and design. With categories like portraits, autos, brochures, and business cards, it's a visual feast reflecting his creative versatility. The integrated admin panel allows Haris to effortlessly manage his digital portfolio, ensuring every visitor is greeted with his latest masterpiece.

  • Stomatološka ordinacija "dr. Amela Koričić"

    Stomatološka ordinacija "dr. Amela Koričić"

    Website for Dental clinic "dr. Amela Koričić" welcomes visitors with a warm, vibrant design, echoing the clinic's friendly and caring atmosphere. This easy-to-navigate site is rich with dental wisdom, offering advice, tips, and FAQs in a personable and accessible manner. It's more than just a resource; it's a reflection of the studio's dedication to providing a comforting, informative journey for every patient.

  • Dental-Studio Merdanić

    Dental-Studio Merdanić

    Dental clinic Merdanic's redesigned website encapsulates their team spirit and professionalism, aligning with European dental standards and trends. The website redesign tells a successful story about the founder and lead doctor Amar Merdanic, and it perfectly represents the wonderful team spirit and high-quality dental services the clinic offers.

  • A&V Studio

    A&V Studio

    A&V's new website, a 3D architectural rendering studio, supports high-quality visuals and has a user-friendly backend for easy maintenance of documents and media. The website is fully optimized to showcase the studio's high-quality photographs, animations, and 360 tours, reflecting their commitment to helping clients grow beyond their comfort zones.

  • Stomatološka ordinacija "Unadent"

    Stomatološka ordinacija "Unadent"

    The Dental clinic's redesigned website offers an innovative layout for easier management and improved patient information accessibility, reflecting its tradition of outstanding performance. The modern design and innovative layout have enhanced the overall user experience, making it easier for patients and visitors to find the information they need.

  • Unimatrix d.o.o.

    Unimatrix d.o.o.

    Unimatrix, a leading company in fiscalization and computer services, now has a new webshop with a custom e-commerce system for easier site and order management. This new system has significantly improved the speed and simplicity of the site, making it more efficient for both employees and customers.

  • ACMA d.o.o.

    ACMA d.o.o.

    ACMA's redesigned website, representing a 25-year-old supply chain company, features high reactivity speed, a modern visual identity, and excellent SEO. The redesign has successfully encapsulated the company's long-standing tradition in the supply chain, production, and logistics sectors.

  • ES-Star


    ES-Star's website is a user-friendly platform for a traditional printing shop, known for its high-responsive design across all devices. It effectively captures the essence of the long-standing tradition and values that the printing shop holds dear.