I bridge the gap between my clients’ goals and results.

I bridge the gap between my clients’ goals and results.

Impact I leave behind, while helping one to upgrade their business and reach their goals, is simply what keeps me going; we are all aware of what does online interface of one company means in todays’ modern world; I believe in people, in their dreams, their goals and capabilities and I believe in myself – which seems to be a perfect recipe for success.

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Briga.Puna ljubavi i sigurnosti.

A safe place to maintain the most important parts of your everyday life. Caring for children, the elderly, pets and your household - here you will find the perfect help near you and most importantly, according to your own criteria.


Haris - Art & Design

Haris' new website is a vibrant showcase of his diverse skills in art and design. With categories like portraits, autos, brochures, and business cards, it's a visual feast reflecting his creative versatility. The integrated admin panel allows Haris to effortlessly manage his digital portfolio, ensuring every visitor is greeted with his latest masterpiece.


Stomatološka ordinacija "dr. Amela Koričić"

Website for Dental clinic "dr. Amela Koričić" welcomes visitors with a warm, vibrant design, echoing the clinic's friendly and caring atmosphere. This easy-to-navigate site is rich with dental wisdom, offering advice, tips, and FAQs in a personable and accessible manner. It's more than just a resource; it's a reflection of the studio's dedication to providing a comforting, informative journey for every patient.


Dental-Studio Merdanić

Dental clinic Merdanic's redesigned website encapsulates their team spirit and professionalism, aligning with European dental standards and trends. The website redesign tells a successful story about the founder and lead doctor Amar Merdanic, and it perfectly represents the wonderful team spirit and high-quality dental services the clinic offers.


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  1. Name
    IDK Time, Co-Owner & Developer
    Laravel-built program for comprehensive work-time management, featuring live tracking, report generation, time-off monitoring, and customizable options based on client needs.


  1. Company
    Velyum (BiH)
    Founder & CEO
  2. Company
    New Avail LCC (USA)
    Lead Front-End Developer
  3. Company
    Sprift - Property Made Simple (UK)
    Front-End Developer
  4. Company
    IDK Studio (BiH)
    Web Application Developer
  5. Company
    IDK Studio (BiH)
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